Samsung Galaxy A72 REVIEW

So last week, you guys saw
my Samsung Galaxy A52 unboxing

and first impressions.

But this time guys,
for the Samsung Galaxy A72,

this will already be
my unboxing and review video.

Hey guys.
It’s your Tech Girl, Mary!

And welcome back to my channel.

I know you’re looking forward
to this smartphone,

especially for the
Samsung Galaxy A71 users

that wants to upgrade
to the Samsung Galaxy A72.

I know that the Samsung A series
right now is so hyped.

And one of the reasons
is the availability of its colors.

But guys, you know,
the Samsung Galaxy A series

is not the only new release
that is in the Php20,000 range,

because we still have smartphones

that were released last week
like the POCO F3.

We also have a more affordable
which is the POCO X3 Pro.

There is also the new
Redmi Note 10 Pro,

but it’s not available
here in the Philippines


So I can say that the population
of the mid-range devices

are really oversaturated.

It’s now “population”, right?

But guys, more releases
means good news,

because of course
there’s more choices.

But it’s also bad news
to some people,

because it’s really harder
to choose what’s really

worth upgrading.

But come to think of it,
I know that competition is good,

but I can’t help to think
that the new smartphones

are kind of the same.
It’s like… Is there nothing new?

You’ll be thinking that
is it still worth it to upgrade

smartphone right now,
especially with the situation

of our country as of now?

Anyway, those are my two cents.

Forgive me that we went off topic.

So let us now unbox
the Samsung Galaxy A72.

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This Samsung Galaxy A72,
its price in the market right now

is Php23,990
and that is for the 8GB of RAM

with 256GB of internal storage.

We have a small box.

Actually, let’s do this fast
since the inside of this

is just the same
with the Samsung Galaxy A52.

SIM tool or our poking tool.

Samsung Care Plus,
quick start guide,

and its warranty card.

Clear jelly case
unlike that tinted jelly case

that we have
in the Samsung Galaxy A52.

We have the phone
in awesome white.

Type-C charging cable.

And a fast charging power brick
from Samsung.

(entertainment music)

On the Samsung Galaxy A52…
Actually, same colors

are available
on the Samsung Galaxy A52

except that we have
the awesome purple.

It’s just not that the purple
is not available

when I bought one in the mall.

Awesome white looks very clean,

and the colors of the back
is the same with its camera bump

making it seem like
it doesn’t have a camera bump,

even though it really has one

once you’ve held it sideways.

It’s still the same with the A52

where it’s soft matte finish
which I really like.

This is one of my favorites
that we have

on the new A series of Samsung.

Although it’s definitely
a lot heavier.

Guys, it weighs 203g.

Of course, our display
on this one is bigger.

And if you want
a weight comparison,

the Samsung Galaxy A52
and the 5G version of that

only weighs 189g.

Let’s have a quick phone tour.
On the top it has

a secondary microphone,
a SIM tray.

And same with the
Samsung Galaxy A52 guys,

it’s not triple SIM tray,
because it’s either

you use the dual SIM
or you use only one SIM

and the expandable card
is the other one.

It’s not triple slot.
In here guys, you can only put

two SIM card or one SIM card
with a microSD card

up to 1TB.

That’s what made this good guys,
it’s can handle up to 1TB

like with the A52 and A52 5G.

It has a volume rocker
on the right side,

power button below,
a headphone jack,

another microphone,
USB Type-C port,

and its speaker grill.

Maybe if the Samsung Galaxy A72
would have an advantage

against competitors
that are also recently released,

or not even this one
but the A52 and A52 5G,

is its design.

Actually, the available colors
that we have are very youthful

that other brands can’t offer.

I’m glad that Samsung
is now offering trendy color choices

like this awesome white

and the awesome blue
that you saw in the A52.

It’s still plastic,
but I don’t have a problem

if it’s plastic.

And as what you guys saw
from the A52, it still has

an IP67 water and dust resistance.

(entertainment music)

Now for the display.

Actually, for the display size,
it’s still the same

from its predecessor
that is the A71.

It supports 2400×1080 resolution
that has 394 PPI

which is overall a really good
resolution for the price

that you paid.

It also has Super AMOLED+ screen

which is why its blacks
are very deep and rich.

Even though its blacks
are very deep guys,

it’s not oversaturated.

And overall, for me,
the screen quality

is really excellent
as expected from Samsung.

Same with the Samsung Galaxy A52,

we have 90Hz
screen refresh rate here.

Another upgrade
from its predecessor.

But, maybe they could have
gone with 120Hz

just to have, you know,
a good reason for you

to upgrade or at least
have a separation

between A52 and A72
in terms of display.

Their only difference
is really the size. That’s it.

Aside from its beautiful display,
guys, like with the A52,

its side bezels also improved.

It’s thinner than
its predecessor, the A71.

And, I also think
that the punch hole became smaller,

so it looks more premium-looking.

But this phone guys,
you cannot dynamically adjust

the screen refresh rate
based on content.

But this is what I’ve noticed
based on my usage

from the past few days.

The touch response
of the A72 is very good

compared to A52.

Another thing, the in-display sensor
is faster on the A72

than on the Samsung Galaxy A52.

But if you’ll ask me,
I’ll still prefer having

a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Aside from that, it also has

a SGS certified eye comfort feature

that really helped me
to have a non-fatiguing experience

at night.

Aside from that,
like with the A52,

it also has
a Widevine L1 certification.

So when I tried it
in watching HD content on Netflix,

it’s more enjoyable.

(entertainment music)

How about the speakers?
Actually, stereo speakers setup

is what we have on the A72.

The audio quality is good for me.

I appreciate that we have
a stereo speakers setup here.

Definitely a lot better
and it’s more enjoyable

when playing or watching.

But, I can’t say that
its sound quality is so good.

Basically, for audio,
it’s just okay.

(entertainment music)

Now, let’s go
to the gaming performance

of the A72 or how good
is the chipset used on it.

For the Samsung Galaxy A72,

it has the Qualcomm
Snapdragon 720G

with Adreno 618 GPU.

And I’ll just repeat this,
we have 8GB of RAM.

Now, if you want
a very quick comparison

on the chipset that is used
on the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G 5G,

that one already has
a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G.

Then, its GPU is also
more improved with the Adreno 619.

Anyway, they both have
an 8nm chip.

It’s just that for the price
of Php23,990,

it’s hard to accept
that it’s not 5G ready.

If you’re looking for a phone
that’s futureproof already

and you don’t frequently upgrade,

wherein it’s every 3 years
or every 4 years

before you buy another phone,

I highly encourage you guys
to buy a phone

that is 5G ready.

And if we’ll compare its price
to the A52 5G,

they’re the same.

It’s so hard guys, right?
It’s hard to choose

what to buy.

Actually, for its AnTuTu score,
its result is 289,233.

It’s high, but it’s not high
for the price

that you paid for it.

There are phones
that are recently released

that have exceeded 500,000
AnTuTu score

and also below Php20,000.

And we were to translate it
in real life,

gaming was fun and okay.

There are some frame drops,
but it’s not so noticeable,

but if you’ll play Genshin Impact,
it’s not that smooth

especially if you prefer
high graphic settings.

Actually, the chipset that we have

on the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
is higher.

I’m just not sure
what the AnTuTu score of that is

and what kind of performance
it’ll give me.

Of course, in my case,
it doesn’t matter that much.

But on paper, where specs
will be our basis,

720G versus a phone
that has a 750G chipset,

I’m pretty sure they have
a big difference

in terms of performance.

That’s if you prefer a smartphone
that has a smaller display

and has a smaller
battery capacity.

(entertainment music)

Now for the battery.

This Samsung Galaxy A52
has 5,000mAh battery capacity.

It has the biggest battery capacity
among the A series

that were released
this 2021 here in the Philippines.

And it’s also capable
of fast charging 25W power brick.

And good news,
the power brick that’s included

inside the box is already 25W.

Just not sure about
the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

if its box already includes
a 25W power brick.

And to compare it,
4,500mAh is also only

the battery capacity of the A52 5G.

Based on experience,
the A72 can really last up

to 1 1/2 day.

And knowing that
it doesn’t have 5G,

the battery will last even longer.

On charging, the 25W
is a huge help,

because I didn’t charge it
for so long.

It didn’t exceed 1 1/2 hour.

Only 30 minutes have passed
and it gave 40% of juice already.

But if you’ll ask me,
you know guys,

I really want the Samsung A52 5G.

The only thing is that
awesome black is the only color

that we have for that.

But if you’ll ask me,
its black is very similar

to the S21 Ultra.

It’s not exactly the same,
but you know,

it’s like a plastic version
of the S21 Ultra.

(entertainment music)

Now, let’s go to cameras.

Actually, for the cameras,
this is where someone will win.

This is where the A72 shines.

It has 64MP main camera,
8MP telephoto lens,

12MP ultrawide,

and 12MP macro lens.

For its front camera,
it has a 32MP.

So if you heard that,
yes, we have a dedicated

telephoto lens
for the Samsung Galaxy A72.

And by the way, the primary camera
of the A72 is the same

with the A52 that has already OIS.

And its 8MP telephoto lens guys,
it’s also capable

of 3x optical zoom.
And good news, it also has OIS.

Looking at the shots
that I captured,

I can really say
that’s set of cameras

that we have for the
Samsung Galaxy A72 is promising.

Actually, this is where
they’ll differ.

The result of the colors
are very good,

especially the utlrawide
angle lens.

Actually, in all the smartphones
that I’ve reviewed

that has a macro lens,
most of them are really kind

of disappointing,
but for the Samsung Galaxy A72,

it’s not that bad.

And another thing,
even though it doesn’t have

a dedicated depth sensor guys,

the portrait shots are still good.

The subject-to-background separation
is still good.

It’s just that the shots are not

that very detailed and crispy.

For the photos
taken by the front camera,

they are pleasing,
but I can’t say that it’s so good.

Actually, the quality
that it gave me is kind of the same

if we were to compare it
with the Samsung Galaxy A52.

And same with its siblings,
it’s also capable

of 4K and 1080p video recording,
but only in 30 FPS.

And since Samsung included
an OIS, same in the primary camera

and its telephoto lens,
the videos came out quite stable

even though we’re
in 4K video recording.

Even the front camera, guys,
is also capable

of 4K at 30 FPS video recording.

Now guys, if I were to choose

between all the Samsung A series
that were released recently,

actually I’d rather get
the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G.

The A72 guys is good,
but I do think it’s only

for those people
that prefer a smartphone

that’s bigger.

These are the type of people
that who likes to play,

or those who wants
a bigger display,

because they often watch.

And also, if you’re picky
when it comes to color

and you really want
to buy the purple color

of this A72, then don’t hesitate


and go for the A72.

Personally, of course
since this is my review,

if I get to pick one,
I’ll go with the A52 5G.

It’s size is just right,
it’s perfect in my hands.

It’s not that heavy.

It’s already 120Hz display,

and it’s 5G ready,
though its battery is smaller,

since I’m just usually
in the house,

I really prefer that phone more.

Now, if we won’t talk about
the Samsung

and its other alternatives,

actually there are cheaper phones
that has AMOLED display,

5G ready, and have
a more competitive chipset

which is the POCO F3.

It’s just that the color availability
that we have for that phone

is not that great.

And another thing,
the advantage of Samsung

is that it has three years
OS update

and four years security update.

That’s one of the advantages
if you will be getting

the Samsung Galaxy A72.

And also, this depends
if you’re kind of used in One UI

or in MIUI since
this Samsung Galaxy A72

already has the latest One UI 3.1
based on Android 11.

So yeah, I hope you appreciated
our video for the

Samsung Galaxy A72.

I won’t be doing a video
for the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G,

but we have a video
about the Samsung Galaxy A32

which is coming very soon,
because we still have a lot

to review.

Take it slowly since I want
to experience the phones

until I can, because I don’t want

to say that it’s a review video

if I didn’t experienced it, right?

Again, it’s your Tech Girl, Mary,
and see you

on my next video.

Bye guys!


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