Samsung Made A Better Watch Than Google

– (sighs) Smartwatches.

Apple’s the only one
that makes a good one.

Wear OS? Pfft, pfft.

Not anymore. Apparently.

I guess we’re gonna find out.

What kind of watch is this?

This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

It’s a watch from Samsung
with an OS made by Google.

The first Wear OS watch that’s not useless

to come out in however many years.

It’s not even made by Google,
but hopefully it’s good.

I guess we’re gonna find out.

I am an avid Samsung watch
guy, but this is not Wear OS,

this is using Tizen.

This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2,

which is a whole other
topic of discussion.

The whole naming scheme,
it’s quite a mess.

But I currently do use a Samsung watch,

so this is interesting to me.

So I guess let’s unbox it.

There’s not a lot to unbox, I don’t think.

I imagine I’m gonna open
this and I might see a watch.

Whoa, look, a watch! (laughs)
– No way!

– Oh, there’s some other stuff, hold on.

I think it’s literally just
a couple pieces of paper.

So this device in particular
is the Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

We also have over here,
the Galaxy Watch4. (laughs)

Interestingly enough,

they have changed up
the naming schemes here.

On the last generation,

the Active watch was the one
that got a sort of suffix.

This one is the Active2,
part of the Watch3 series.

This generation they’ve changed
that, sort of reversed it.

The Active looking and
feeling version is the Watch4,

and then the Classic one
with the physical dial

is now the one that has a suffix,

and this is called the
Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

Oh man, this black
background is not ideal.

I think what we’re gonna do,

as much as you should definitely
check out

and get yourself a mouse pad…

Oh, oh, it’s so much
better, Andy. (laughs)

You can actually see what
we’re looking at. Oh geez.

So in the box,

usually you would get a
little cable like this.

It’s just your standard
charging cable, plugs into…

Interestingly enough,
it’s still Type A USB.

Samsung hasn’t jumped off
that bridge yet, I guess.

So it’s just a little magnetic
guy, clips on like that.

It feels pretty similar
to the previous generation

in terms of magnet-ness.

So in order, we got the
previous generation Active2,

have the Galaxy Watch4, and
the Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

In terms of the outside aesthetic,

we’ve definitely seen a few updates.

They have sort of smoothed out the side

over the previous generation.

They’ve also switched
from a circular button

to a square on both of them for this side.

And the profile of the watch,

while it looks to be pretty
well the same depth overall,

maybe a tiny bit smaller, they
have smoothed out the back.

You see that, Andy?

On the old watch, there
was sort of a bump.

On this one, it’s nice and smooth.

After wearing it for a couple of days,

I can definitely say that
this watch feels more natural.

It’s smoother.

And as somebody that
doesn’t personally like

wearing a watch, I’ve
never really liked it.

I was able to get used to this,

but I almost don’t even
notice this watch on me.

There is a lot of versions here,

so I’m gonna have to read
this off of the paper.

For the Watch4 there’s two
versions, a 40 mil or a 44 mil,

depending on how big your
wrists, I think we have the 44.

And then for the Watch4 Classic,
there’s a 42 and 46 mil.

This is the 46.

This is as by the name suggests,

a classier watch.

That was a bad joke. All right.

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As for the rest of the outside,

they do have a couple new
colors, which is cool.

The bands feel very similar to before.

It’s kind of like a fancy plastic.

I think you can definitely get
some other bands. Probably.

Yeah, looks like the exact same mechanism.

So there’s just a little pin,

you pull that down and
pop it in place like that.

Oh wait, oh wow. This one slides entirely.

Oh, that is different, actually.

What the hell?

All right, I lied. It’s
a little different.

Let’s pop this guy on.

Seems like the band sizing is the same.

Man, this is an exceptionally
comfortable watch.

I am a huge fan of this new generation.

Will definitely probably be buying one.

But let’s try the Classic.

I’ve never really been
a fan of these watches

’cause they are a little kludgier.

– What the…
– What?

– What?
– Kludgier?

– Yeah, you don’t think
it’s kludgy? That’s bigger.

– [Jono] Oh no, I’m just
like, is that a real word?

– Kludgy? Yeah.

Oh, this feels so nice.

– [Jono] ASMR.

– All right, I’m gonna
start off with the Classic.

Let’s try this out.

It’s not turning on, so I
guess I’ll have to tell you

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Oh yeah, cool. Samsung.

So it doesn’t say Google,
which is interesting.

It did not make my notification…

Oh, wow, look at that. You see that?

“A new device has been detected.”

I didn’t even open the Wearable
app yet, so that’s cool.

Editor, why don’t you put a time counter

to see how long this takes to set this up?

“For your review, sending
of diagnostic data.”

Yes, take all my anonymized data

that’s really not that anonymous.

(bright music)

Cool. “Getting Google account info.

This might take a few minutes.”

Well, it’s definitely Google.

I just wanna spin this dial more.

(groans) Oh my God.

Okay, I think we’re
connected. We got 44% battery.

Take a tour. Start.

Whoa. Swipe down, swipe up.

Hey, did you know if you swipe one way,

the screen will move that way?

Who would have thought?

So right off the bat,

I’m gonna say the responsiveness
is definitely better.

You almost don’t even notice
when it hitches a little bit.

So we got some new stuff here.

There’s a body composition,

I think it’s called a BIA sensor,

which can measure your
body fat index or whatever,

body mass index.

They got some supposedly new sleep stuff.

Got your calendar there,

an ECG which we can’t use in Canada

’cause it’s not approved by Health Canada.

If I go, “Learn more,” it’s gonna say,

“You can’t do this in your region.”

Heart rate. Let’s measure our heart rate.

What are the odds this one works?

Oh, it’s working. Nice, K, cool.

My resting heart rate is 79 right now.

A little bit higher than resting average.

Probably ’cause I’m on camera.

Oh, we can measure my
stress. How does that work?

– [Jono] It knows your heart rate.

– [Andy] Are you stressed?

– Yeah, but it doesn’t
have any historical data.

– [Jono] Your car’s being towed.

– No! My car’s not even here.


Wait, so I guess I’m not stressed?

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Six cycles. Nope, not doing that. (laughs)

Oh, Linus will love this.

The badminton tracker actually
works on the watch now.

Previously, I could only
ever find it on my phone

and it wouldn’t sync to the watch.

But now, badminton right there.

What else we got here? We’ve got apps.

Whoa, this interface is definitely better

than the Apple Watch.

I can’t stand the, like, globe.

Can we just show that?

How do I even open it
on this? There we go.

I have always hated this.
Apple, this is not…

I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s…

Okay, it is bad.

This is not intuitive until
you remember the location

of all, like, 150 icons here.

– [Andy] That’s why I will never use that.

– But this, it’s one axis of play.

I only have one axis I
can mess around with.

It’s almost kind of like
pages on your smartphone.

Oh, here. I’ll show you guys
what the ring looks like.

You see, if we twist here,
it goes to the right.

It’s just a way to navigate
your watch, basically.

Go to the bottom.

Look at that.

– [Jono] Andy has like the
biggest tan line I’ve ever seen.

– A watch tan line?

Wow, can you show that
on camera? Holy crap.

Oh my God, that’s horrible.

– Hey, I have an Apple Watch.
– Ugh!

Wait, turn your arm.

– Don’t tell my wife.

– That’s a bad watch tan.

Oh, it’s doing…

Oh, Bixby. No!

That’s not what I wanted.

Can you use Google Assistant on this?

I really hope you can use
Google Assistant on this.

“Samsung has said that the AI assistant

will arrive at a later date,

but did not specify when.”

Okay, cool, so there is hope for this

running not a (beep) virtual assistant,

but we can at least use Bixby.

Hey, Bixby. Why do you suck so bad?

– [Bixby] Hmm, I’m
sorry you feel that way.

I’m always getting better!

(tragic music)

(man laughing)

– No, you’re not.

The only thing worse than Bixby is Siri.

You know, for a really small interface,

this Google Play Store on Wear OS is,

it’s pretty functional.

Are these games? Oh my God.

I can play 2048. Why?

What, like, can you play COD
Mobile on a watch? (laughs)

Hey, look. Look at my little catto.

He’s so cute.

Oh. Oh, that’s cool.

If I have my phone playing audio,

like say if I had this
plugged into some speakers,

I can use this to adjust
the volume. That’s cool.

(bright music)

It’s got a little dial up number thing.

Okay, it’s there. Jono Tan, there we go.

We’re calling.


– [Jono] Hello, hey.

– [Jake] Can you hear me?

– [Jono] Yeah, I can hear you.

– It’s kind of quiet, honestly.

Hey, I’m talking about stuff and things.

How do I sound? I sound good?

– [Jono] Yeah, it sounds fine.

It’s not like as good as
a phone. But how about me?

I’ll just, I’ll count.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9.
– It sounds not bad.

Oh, there we go.

Oh, there. I turned the volume up.

Okay, let me just try
switching it to my phone

really quick before you hang up.

Switch to phone.


– [Jono] Hey.

– That was really seamless.
Let’s try switching back.


– [Jono] Whoa. Yeah,
yeah, yeah, it’s the same.

– Wow, all right.

I hung up on him, I didn’t even say bye.

I’m just a bad guy.

So clearly this watch
can do a lot of things.

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We can make phone calls,

we can control the music on our phone.

It seems to serve a lot of purposes.

For me, my watch is mostly there

just as a way to check notifications

without having to take my
phone out of my pocket.

I even sort of like filter them

just so I only get priority
notifications on the watch,

which is nice.

I definitely wanna change this watch face

because it is so ugly.

Oh, they’re all ugly. I don’t know.

You know what? I’m gonna be a bear.

I’m a bear now.

Oh, look. Oh, he’s got a friend.

That’s cute.

Can I customize him? Who is this bear?

We’re watching a movie.

You see that? Bear and
dude are watching a movie.

Ooh, here’s a thing to note.

This watch, a lot better

at the raising your arm awareness

if you’re not using always on display.

I have a lot of problems
with my Galaxy Watch Active2

with not registering.

It seems like they have tuned this watch

to be a lot more aggro about it.

But if you even just
barely lift your arm up,

like if I just go…

Let me put it on my arm,

we’ve got to get a side-by-side here.

All right, we got both watches.


Oh, there we go.

Got one without it that time.

In terms of daily driving
them, with this specific watch,

I don’t think there was a single instance

of me being like, “Come on, activate!”

Whereas I get that daily
with my previous gen Active2.

The new versions are using an OLED screen

like the previous generation.

But this time around,

they have Corning Gorilla Glass DX+,

which is the same sort of glass

that they use on a lot
of their camera lenses.

So that’s interesting.

You got a little bit
higher display resolution.

So it’s 450 on the large and 396 by 396

on the smaller version.

They also have more storage.

You’re going from 4
gigabytes on the Active2

to 16 on these newer models.

They have the same amount of RAM, I think.

All the new ones are 1 1/2 gigs of RAM.

And then the battery is also
technically a little bit bigger

than the Active2.

This is 340 and the new ones are 361,

at least for the larger size,
and 247 on the smaller size.

So overall, I’m pretty impressed.

The look and feel of these new devices,

I’m gonna say that the previous
device was pretty good,

but they have definitely
improved on the comfort factor,

they’ve definitely improved
on the looks factor.

It seems like they’ve improved
on the usability factor,

which is impressive given that
they’ve completely switched

to a new operating system.

I’m excited to see
improvements in the space,

and I think I’m gonna
pick one of these up.

If you think this watch
is just as cool as I do,

because, mm, pretty cool,

you can look at the
link in the description

where you can actually buy one.

And then on top of that,

you should get subscribed
while you’re down there,

like the video, and why not check out

another one of our Short
Circuit unboxings and overviews,

like on the Linus did on the TicWatch.

That was a pretty cool watch.


(bright music)


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