Samsung Galaxy A72

Hello guys,
David is here

and this is a
Samsung Galaxy A72.

Actually, this video… it’s

not mandatory,
but I’m still making it,

so it won’t be billed by the audience anymore.

“Brother, where’s the Galaxy A72 review?”

I said this video is
not mandatory, because… there is

not much new information in here, the
information will feel repeated.

The problem is that the Samsung Galaxy A72 is
90% similar to the Galaxy

A52 which we reviewed earlier.

So just think of this video as… the

DLC is A52, or topping,
or add on, patch, whatever

that means to
complete an existing video.

Well, in essence, this Samsung Galaxy A72, is the
Samsung Galaxy A52, with 3 key differences.

The first difference is in the
larger screen size,

from 6.5 inches to 6.7 inches.

That’s just the difference about the screen, size.

For other parts, such as the
type of panel used, it’s

still the same as the Super AMOLED which is
really nice to look at and saves power,

with a darker black color, the
refresh rate is

90Hz, and the position of the front camera of the sticky model is
also the same in the middle, the

glass used also the same as Gorilla Glass 5
so that it is more scratch resistant than ordinary glass.

Well, even though the screen size
has been widened by 0.2 inches, the

resolution used on the Galaxy A72 is still
Full HD +, 1080×2400 pixels.

Which means that the pixel density that the
Galaxy A72 can get is lower than the A52.

394 ppi on the
A72 compared to 407 ppi on the A52.

It’s not much different.

And it’s actually
almost tasteless.

I just keep mentioning it

because I don’t know what
to talk about, let alone the difference.

So even this little info
I’ll still give you.

What can be drawn
from this first difference?

If you like a bigger screen,
take the Galaxy A72,

but if you think 6.5 inches
on the A52 is big enough, the

size of the A72 will feel quite excessive.

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There are pluses and minuses.

Bigger doesn’t always
make you more satisfied.

Let’s go to the second difference.

Because the screen is bigger, the
A72 automatically

needs a larger body frame dimension to
fit it,

and automatically the battery capacity
can be even bigger, there are a

lot of big words in this video
because the theme is really that way.

Yes, the battery …

yes it’s bigger than
4,500mAh on the Galaxy A52,

so 5,000mAh on the Galaxy A72.

What does it mean?

Galaxy A72, so it has
a heavier weight.

Translucent 200 grams, 203 grams to be exact,
if the A52 is at 189 grams.

And does a bigger
battery mean that it lasts longer?

Turns out not either.
The difference is the same as the A52 at most… just a

few percent.

For example, when I use it to
play PUBGM for a game,

30 minutes, A52 eats 8%,
A72 eats 7%.

To play Mobile Legends for 25 minutes, it’s the
same as reducing 7%,

playing social media scrolling IG TikTok for an hour,
also reducing 10-12%.

There is no significant difference that we
get from the larger A72 battery.

How can it be like that? In
my theory, guess what,

because the A72’s screen

is wider, so there are more areas that need to be illuminated

, more lights

and that eats up
more battery power.

you can’t just talk about cellphones for one factor…

If the number is higher, the
number will be more durable.

No, it’s all related.

So, don’t think that the bigger one, it
will last longer.

The third difference!

The camera!

This is the part that
can really be taken into consideration,

whether the Galaxy A72 is more suitable
for you than the

A52, because this cellphone has a
telephoto camera that can zoom up to 3x,

so you can take long distance photos.

There’s OIS again, so when you
take photos it’s also stable.

The color characteristics of the main lens
can still be maintained.

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And of course, what is called optical zoom, of

course the details captured
can also be better.

This time, I admit that the
longer one is better, the photo


As for the rest, this Galaxy A72…

yes, it’s the same as the Galaxy A52.

Starting from the design
which looks really simple

but feels premium
thanks to the matte finish,

and the layout is similar to
Samsung’s expensive cellphones like the A52 too,

then of course
we can still find the IP67 rating on this cellphone,

which makes it dustproof

and can be plunged into water.
1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

The chipset is the same as using Snapdragon
720G, whose performance can be depended on,

except for playing Genshin Impact, you

have to be a little more patient because
all settings are lowered to low.

But for other games, it’s really safe,
want to play ML, PUBGM, Free Fire.

Similar to Galaxy A52.

The quality of the main camera,
ultrawide, is also the same.

I really like it, especially because
the main camera has OIS.

Taking photos at night feels sharp, obviously, better

than its competitors
who don’t have OIS.

The recording quality is also good, stable.
This Galaxy A72, it’s cool.

But even though the Galaxy A72 is as cool as the
Galaxy A52 which was recommended yesterday,

is this cellphone the same recommendation
or is it even more recommended than the A52?

I don’t think so.

Even though this cellphone has
almost exactly the same specs,

with the same performance,
and a slightly better camera

, it’s a shame to add money
from 5 million to 6 million for the A72.

Except, if you
really need

a cellphone with the largest screen size possible,
and a 3x telephoto lens.

If your needs are like git,

this cellphone is like the coach of Liverpool.
Very Klopp.

But if you don’t need a big cellphone,
because 0.2 inches doesn’t feel like it, it just

adds weight,
or you don’t care about telephoto lenses,

the important thing is that the main camera is good.

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Galaxy A52 is definitely more suitable.


this A72, 90%, even 95% the same as the A52.

In the past, the two were quite different, yes, the

A51 was different in size,
then the price was different, yes, the price was fixed,

then the battery was different,
but the chipset was also very different.

The A51 uses Exynos while
the A71 uses Snapdragon.

But this time, Samsung made the
choice simpler.

And it doesn’t matter because
both are equally good.

not at all not good.

But, once again,
if you don’t need those 2 things,

6 million for the A72…

you’d better buy a Samsung Galaxy

A52 with 256GB of internal memory

, the price is 5.4 million, it’s

still 600 thousand back. The rest can be
used to buy a good case,

because the A52 and A72 don’t get a casing,

or you can buy credit, pay electricity,
buy monthly purchases, buy diamonds,

whatever, it’s free.
Buy TWS, powerbank, all kinds.

Actually, this is a good opportunity to
enter Tokopedia,

but since it’s no longer sponsored,
we’ll just skip it.


Well, that’s all for this video.

For example, if you want me to
discuss the A72 more deeply,

what kind of port is it?
what are the performance details?

The camera results are not much.

You can just stop by the
Samsung Galaxy A52 Review,

there it will be discussed in much more detail.

That’s my little explanation
about the Samsung Galaxy A72.

Like if you like this video,

dislike if you don’t like it,

and we’ll meet again
in the next video.


a million…

mayan… the

camera hmm,
yes it’s good


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