I WAS WRONG!!! Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

– I remember seeing the
Fold for the first time

and thinking that’s cool, but why?

It’s not gonna be as good as
any of the phones that I have

and it’s not gonna be as
good as any of the tablets

that I have.

The only way it made sense to me

was if it was gonna be a good enough phone

and a good enough tablet to not need both.

But something unexpected
happened when I started using it.

So, let’s talk about what
I liked, what I didn’t like

and whether this is a phone
that I would recommend.

Before I even get to the design

I wanna mention that in the
US this phone is 1800 bucks,

and that’s the most expensive
phone that I’ve ever bought.

And I’m also curious about
prices everywhere else,

so, if you’re watching from
outside of the US drop a comment

with where you live and
how much the phone costs.

Now, to the design.

So we’re essentially getting
a narrow and tall phone

with a 6.2 inch screen that opens up

into a massive 7.6 inch,
almost squarish display.

Before handling this
phone for the first time,

I thought that I wouldn’t
like the narrow design

because I thought it would be limiting.

But in actual use I like it

specifically, because it’s narrow

and that makes it really easy
for me to use with one hand.

I can reach the other side of
the keyboard with my thumb,

if I need to, and I can
still type with two hands

if I need to, which I rarely
do but more on this later.

And while this aspect of
the ergonomics was better

than I expected, I do
have to mention the weight

because it is noticeable.

We’re looking at 271 grams
which is substantial.

Not quite like carrying two
phones but maybe one and a half.

So, the Z Flip weighs 183 grams,

the S21 plus weighs 200 grams

and my iPhone 12 Pro weighs 189 grams.

So, you’ll definitely
feel this added weight

when you’re using the Fold with one hand.

What I notice is that for
the majority of the time,

I actually use it open, at
which point I’m using two hands

and the weight is less of a concern,

it becomes more of a light
tablet than a heavy phone.

Now, another thing that
you notice right away

when you’re using it with
one hand is that it’s thick

and there’s really no
way of getting around it.

It’s gonna feel like
you’re holding two phones.

And I also found that the
edge of the screen protector

is a little sharp and my finger
would sometimes catch on it

when I try to use the edge panel.

You know technically they
should have called it the unfold

because the Flip flips open
and the Fold unfolds open

but enough with semantics.

I have to tell you that the
first time I opened the phone,

I involuntarily smiled.

I just couldn’t help
myself when I saw how big

and bright the display was.

I’ll get to the quality of the
display in the next session,

and there are some great features
that you need to activate

to get the best user experience.

So, as far as handling
the Fold when it’s open,

it’s been really great.

The phone is actually slightly
thinner than the S21 plus,

and the ergonomics are excellent.

I feel like I’m getting
a really large display

when compared to a phone,

but without feeling like I’m
using a Galaxy Tab or an iPad.

And gaming on this phone,
which I’ll talk about later on

is absolutely amazing.

Now, the one concern that I have

has to do with protecting the phone.

If you’re not new to this
channel then you know,

that I always use a case
with my mobile devices

and I also use screen
protectors because I got tired

of paying so much money
for screen replacements.

And those of you who
don’t drop your phones

or crack your screens, your wizards

and I don’t know how you do it.

Now, here’s the problem.

There is zero chance that I’m
putting a leather flip cover

on this phone.

It’s already bulky enough when it’s closed

and I would never use the cover screen

  Samsung Z Flip 3 Review

if I had to flip open the case every time

and not to mention the clunky ergonomics.

At least there are screen protectors on it

so, I don’t have to
worry about the displays

but I am worried about it
falling out of my pocket

or me dropping it so, that’s something

that I’m gonna need to figure out.

And since I’m not getting a case,

I also didn’t get the dedicated S Pen

because there’d be nowhere to put it

and I would for sure lose it.

Now, let’s get to the display.

And I can’t even talk
about it without smiling.

I’ll get to the cover screen in a minute

because I still think it’s underrated,

but I know most of you are more interested

in the bigger one.

I didn’t know what to expect
out of a folding display.

And even though I have
some amazing displays

with the Tab S7 plus and the S21 plus,

I was preparing myself to be underwhelmed.

Well, in one word, wrong.

The 120 hertz Dynamic AMOLED display

is absolutely beautiful.

It’s a 7.6 inch display which
doesn’t sound a lot bigger

than the 6.7 Flip3 but of
course it’s measured diagonally,

and we’re getting a
resolution of 2208 by 1768

374 pixels per inch and a
22.5 by 18 aspect ratio.

First let’s address the
elephant in the room.

Yes, there is a crease yes, you can see it

if you’re not looking straight
on and yes, you can feel it.

The nice thing is that unlike the Z Flip,

it’s a vertical seam in the center

so my thumbs very rarely hit it.

I remember thinking why would
I want such a large display

on a phone?

And that had got it and I like it

so much better than I thought I would.

For watching videos on YouTube,

I’m getting a significantly bigger image

than I do on any of my phones.

But even when using productivity
apps, surfing the web

and just using social media apps,

the larger display is so nice to have.

Now, not all apps are optimized
for this size of display

so, make sure that you go to
settings, advanced features,

labs and then turn on
multi windows for all apps,

and then go to customize app aspect ratio

where you’re going to
see the app defaults.

Checkout Instagram, for example,

where you’re gonna see that
the default is 16 by nine,

and now change it to full screen.

Instead of the narrow interface

in the center of the screen
with smaller content,

you get this immersive viewing
experience of your feed

where every image is
large, vibrant and bright.

One thing I had to get rid of immediately

was the split keyboard.

So, by default when you’re
typing, the keyboard is divided

so that half of it is on the left,

and then there’s a space in the middle,

and the the other half is on the right.

I actually don’t mind typing
on these types of keyboards

in real life because there’s
tactile feedback from the keys,

but on the display, it was
definitely slowing me down.

So, all you need to do
is tap this keyboard icon

and you’re back to a standard keyboard.

Now, another feature that I implemented

is pinning the edge panel,
so that I would have access

to my favorite apps.

Since I have so much screen
real estate to work with,

I didn’t really feel
like I was missing out

and I really liked the convenience.

As far as the cover display,

we’re getting a 6.2 inch HD
plus Dynamic AMOLED display

with a resolution of 2268 by 832,

387 pixels per inch and 120
hertz adaptive refresh rate.

Beyond the specs, just
like the main screen,

this one is bright, it’s crisp,
and the colors are vibrant.

Again, it’s much better than I expected

and I quickly adapted to
this narrow aspect ratio

because I only use it
for very specific tasks.

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Now, let’s talk about the cameras you get.

And I’m not gonna do a
deep dive in this video


because those of you who are familiar

with the history of this channel know

that I will nerd out about cameras.

The front facing under display
camera is okay at best.

I like the image quality,

definitely isn’t something impressive

but I really only use it for video calls.

If I wanna take a selfie,
I’ll just open the phone

and then use the rear facing
camera which is way better.

Aesthetically the front
facing camera is not perfect

and you can definitely see it
when there’s content below it.

Hopefully with the next iteration,

Samsung can make it invisible.

But when I’m actually watching content

I’m very rarely focusing on
that area of the display,

so it’s not really something

that’s extremely disruptive to me.

The rear facing camera module consists

of three 12 megapixel cameras.

The first is a wide angle
F1.8 with dual-pixel autofocus

and optical image
stabilization for sharp images

and steady video.

The next is an ultra wide F2.2

then finally, we have a telephoto F2.4,

again, with dual-pixel autofocus and OIS.

You’re getting two times optical zoom

which means you’re not losing quality,

and then 10 times digital
zoom which does come

with a progressive loss
of quality as you zoom in.

You can record video at
4k-60, slow motion at 1080P

with up to 240 frames per second,

and then even slow motion at
720P at 960 frames per second.

Moving on to the speakers,
they’re very loud

for a mobile phone and
they sound much fuller

than the other phones that I have.

We’re getting stereo
speakers with Dolby Atmos

which is great and while they don’t sound

like what you get out of the Tab S7 plus

they more than serve their
purpose on this device.

Looking at performance,

we’re getting the Snapdragon 888 chip

and both the 256 gig
and the 512 gig models

come with 12 gigabytes of RAM.

When you’re interacting with the device,

opening and closing apps, playing
games or watching content,

the Fold3 is very responsive.

And there hasn’t been anytime so far

where I felt like it was underpowered.

I say this in almost every video review

but I’m not overly interested
in benchmarks scores.

But in case you’re curious in geek bench,

it’s scored 1132 for a
single-core performance

and 3360 for multi-core performance.

This is plenty of processing
power for anything

that I would ever throw at this device.

And I like the fact that it comes and 256

and 512 gig of internal storage options,

unlike the Flip, which caps out at 256.

However, again we’re seeing

that there’s no micro SD card slots

so there is no way to
expand the internal storage

so, make sure that you get
enough storage for what you need.

And let me know in the comment
section if you think Samsung

should have offered a one terabyte option.

The Fold3 comes with
Android 11 and one UI 3.1.

And I really liked the
column functionality

that we’re getting in the setting

and in various different apps.

Looking at multitasking,
we’re getting split view

so you can have two apps either stacked

or side-by-side depending on
which one you like better.

And you can also choose
how much of the display

you wanna allocate to each app.

You can also have an app
open in a floating window,

and there are lots of
ways to take advantage

of this larger display.

You can also connect a
wireless mouse and keyboard

if you wanna use the Fold3 as a display,

but most importantly you can
attach an external display

and then use DeX.

If you’re not familiar with
it, DeX lets you use your phone

to drive a desktop like interface.

You have a desktop with icons,

a taskbar where you can
minimize and access apps,

you can snap windows to the side,

you can use floating windows

and it very much feels like
you’re using a desktop OS.

And it’s a really versatile
way to get more productivity

out of your phone.

Moving on to biometric authentication,

we’re getting face recognition
with both the front

and rear facing cameras,
depending on whether the phone

  OnePlus Buds Pro vs The BEST

is open or close.

We also have a fingerprint
sensor that’s incorporated

into the power button and I
always like having both options

because then I’m covered
in every situation,

and it’s extremely rare

that I actually have to type my password.

Another area of concern
for me was battery life.

We’re getting a 4400
milliamp per hour battery,

which is not huge but it is 33% bigger

than the 3300 milliamp per hour

that we’re getting on the Z Flip3.

As another point of reference the S21 plus

has a 4800 milliamp per hour battery.

My guess is that a larger
battery would have resulted

in a thicker device and a heavier one,

and that’s something that
Samsung was trying to avoid.

And I actually got better battery life

on this device than I expected.

Of course, it’s gonna
depend on what you do,

how much you end up using your phone,

the brightness of your display

and whether you’re using
the cover or main display,

and in a few more months I’ll
include more of my feedback

in a followup video.

When it comes to charging,

we’re getting 25 watt fast
charging when it’s wired,

but still only 10 watt
charging when wireless,

just like we get with the Flip3.

It would have been great to get 15 watt

fast charging wirelessly but
it is a tablet that I can fold

into a phone so I am willing
to make some concessions.

We’re also getting reverse
wireless charging at 4.5 watts

so, you can use the Fold
to charge another device.

It’s not something that
I’ve done very often

because I wanna maintain
as longer battery life

on the Fold as possible
but it’s nice to know

that it is available if I’m in a bind.

Okay, now, I wanna to talk about gaming,

which was so much fun on the Fold.

The 120 hertz display looks amazing.

I connected my X-Box controller,

I fired up X-Box Game
Pass and I was on my way.

I played all my favorite games

and I didn’t run into any
lagging issues or dropped frames.

The display was definitely big enough

and it’s for sure a portable gaming setup

that I’ll be using when I’m on the go.

Also, if you’re curious
about any specific games,

hit me up in the comment section

and I’ll do my best to answer.

All right, so, what’s my
experience with this phone,

what I expected and do I think
it provides a good value?

Let me start off by saying that it can do

what no other phone that I have can do,

and at the same time it costs $1,800.

So, the price is gonna put it out of range

for a lot of users and in that context,

it almost doesn’t matter how good it is.

If it’s a phone that’s within your budget,

then the main display is
big, bright and beautiful.

It’s outstanding for consuming
content, surfing the web,

social media and productivity.

It’s the most fun phone that
I’ve ever gamed on to date

and it also comes with DeX

if you’re looking to up your productivity.

What’s even more exciting about this phone

is that I feel like we’re
still at the beginning

of folding displays and
the more iterations we see,

the better and more affordable
they’re going to get.

Hopefully this video was helpful.

Click on my face to subscribe

and then watch one of these videos.

You know what I always say,
buy it nice or buy twice.

Good luck and see you soon.

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