I GAVE UP the iPhone 12 and SWITCHED to the Galaxy S21

what’s happening everyone my name is alex
and welcome back so i finally decided to

switch from the iphone 12 to the samsung
galaxy s21 as my main phone the last time i

used the samsung phone as my main phone was the
samsung galaxy s9 plus so about three years ago

but i feel like the s21 samsung actually
got more things right than they did wrong

the first thing they got right was the price
so now the base model s21 is the same price as

the base model iphone 12 but since samsung has a
variety of promotions every time they launch a new

device is actually able to get this one cheaper
than the iphone 12 so that’s definitely a plus

so i feel that the s21 you do get more for
your money the first thing you get more is

the internal storage so the s21 gets 128 gigs
of internal storage where the iphone 12 only

gets 64 gigs of internal storage if you want
more storage obviously you have to pay more

now i don’t think 64 gigs of internal storage is
enough anymore so you definitely need to spend the

extra money and buy the more expensive iphone 12.
now i also know that samsung removed the sd card

slot and i know that a lot of people were big fans
of that sd card slot but since i haven’t actually

used an sd card in any phone in like three years
i don’t think that’s a big deal there is also a

bigger screen on the s21 and the screen that we
get on the iphone 12 and even though the phone has

the larger screen it actually feels smaller when
you hold it in your hand and of course that has a

lot to do the fact that the phone it’s not as wide
as the iphone 12 so i feel that it’s easier doing

things with one hand like typing or opening apps
and using apps on the s21 the respontion also has

a higher refresh rates so if you’re playing games
you’re gonna notice that if you scroll through

your facebook feed and even though i know that
a lot of people aren’t using facebook anymore

it is a better experience scrolling up
and down whenever you’re doing certain

things of course if you’re just watching videos
you’re not really going to notice a difference

i was also able to customize how the screen looks
on the s21 you first get the phone out of the box

the screen is super vibrant super um vivid and
i don’t necessarily like that um super saturated

look but yes you can customize the way the screen
looks like so now i’m kind of happy with the way


the screen on my s21 looks when compared to the
iphone 12 because the iphone 12 doesn’t actually

allow you to change anything about the screen
the s21 also charges faster than the iphone 12

so i can charge the s21 from 0 to 100 in about
20 minutes less than i can charge the iphone 12.

and i know 20 minutes doesn’t sound like
a lot unless you only have 20 minutes then

you’re definitely gonna notice a difference now
for battery life they’re pretty similar i feel

that to the s21 you get about half an hour to
an hour more than you’d get from the iphone 12

so not that big of a difference they both
support wireless charging but the s21 you

also get reverse wireless charging and you may not
use reverse wireless charging every single day but

every so often you may need to charge your watch
or your earbuds if you’re not at home so you can

just place those on the back of the s21 and charge
them well you cannot do that with the iphone 12

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256 gigs of internal storage so all you have to do
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everyone can use this to their own profile
so very very unique product as always i will

leave some links in the video’s description
just in case some you want to check this out

so let’s go back to our video so the s21 i also
get an always on display and the iphone could have

had the same thing because they both have amoled
screens but i don’t think apple will ever give us

an always on display and it may not seem like much
but it’s so useful just glancing at the phone and

seeing if you have any notifications instead of
actually turning the screen on so i find this very

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very useful i used to use this back in the day but
with the iphone you just don’t have that option

now we also get a fingerprint scanner on the s21
and because these days everyone has to wear these

masks everywhere we go the face unlocking
on the iphone doesn’t necessarily work that

well so most of the time you actually have to type
in that passcode with the s20 you can just touch

the screen and unlock it that way with your
finger now i have to say that samsung doesn’t

make the best fingerprint scanner some there are
so many other phones that work much better for

that fingerprint scanner so hopefully that
will be improved through a software update or

for the next version of the s21 because samsung
does not have the best fingerprint scanner but

still a better option than just having
face unlock as we have on the iphone 12.

but let me tell you the real true reason why i’m
so tired of the iphone 12 the 10 the 11 the seven

the eighth because they’re all the same they’re
all so boring and so restrictive you cannot

do so many things with them and they have
the harder to do a lot of things the powder

is so powerful it’s great this one feels so much
more expensive than the s21 in every single way

but then we have ios on top of it and it’s so
counterproductive for so many things look at the

home screen here if you want to see the picture
that you have as the wallpaper you can’t exactly

do that you can’t have four apps at the bottom
here and just the widget to the top no you need to

have the whole screen full of apps because apple
wants you to if you need to change the wallpaper

you cannot change it from the home screen you have
to go into settings scroll look for the wallpaper

change the wallpaper that way why why do we have
to do that if you find a picture that you took on

a year ago you look through like 100 pictures
and you finally found the one that you want to

edit but you don’t want to edit that picture with
the the editing app that the iphone has built in

you want to use snapseed for example can you share
that picture from the gallery app to snapseed no

you cannot so you have to exit the gallery
app on the iphone you have to open snapseed

then you have to scroll through like 100 pictures
to find the other picture that you’re looking for

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and then you can edit that so all that could have
been done in like two clicks on any android device

and this is not the only thing there are so
many other things that i could like keep going

and going and going about iphones they’re just so
counterproductive to anything everything seems to

be more complicated than it is and i could go on
and on about so many other things that you can’t

exactly do on an iphone just because of ios and
how restrictive it is for example the keyboard you

can’t exactly customize it sure you can install
a different keyboard but in reality it’s the same

apple keyboard that just looks a bit different
you can really customize everything as you do

on any other android device now the problem
is that a lot of apps work better on ios so

just to give you an example the gopro app works
better on ios the tesla app works better on ios

so i almost feel like i’m always gonna have to
keep an iphone on the side because just some

apps are just so much better and it’s infuriating
that you always always have to keep two phones

you can just keep this one or this one because
this one does some things better this one does

some things better but overall i still feel that
an android device it’s much more productive than

an iphone because you can do things so much faster
much easier now if you have on windows device for

example it’s almost impossible to send pictures
from your iphone to a windows device if you have a

mac sure it’s easy just airdrop them and they’re
right there so apple just makes everything so

complicated for no reason so uh for now i think
i’m gonna have to stick with android once again

because ios is just infuriating to use them
these days what are your thoughts about iphones

and android devices which ones do you prefer and
why definitely leave a comment and let me know

alright guys hopefully you enjoyed this video
if you did like it don’t forget to press that

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you guys in the next one thanks for watching you


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