Hello guys,
David is here,

and this time we are going to
judge the HPs from Samsung

that have been out for
about a year.

HP that I’ve tried for sure.
If you haven’t tried it, you can’t comment.

Yesterday I
judged Xiaomi cellphones, vivo cellphones,

and this time many people have requested
Samsung cellphones in the comments column.

Come on, let’s start right away

, maybe I’ll explain the system first,

it’s still the same as
yesterday, the system is tierlist,

so there’s Tier S, this is
really a recommendation, do

n’t think too much!

Then here there are Tier D ones too.

This is really a HP that is not recommended.

Very strange to buy.

In the middle there is Tier A,

which means it has a good HP,

I can recommend it, but maybe you
can while looking at others,

if it’s B, it has weaknesses
that must be considered,

but if it’s not a problem, you
can still buy it, it’s still okay,

if This C…

Hmm, I already don’t like it,
but if for example you really

like what he has to offer, it’s
still okay…

So that’s roughly what it means.

Because yesterday someone asked,
“What do you mean, bro?

If it’s just letters
, you don’t really understand.”

Well, before I start, I

‘ll let you take a sip of coffee for a moment… so that I can be enthusiastic about commenting.

If you hear people judging something,
but they are weak, it’s

not cool,
doesn’t look convincing.

Here, I drink
Kapal Api Special Mix coffee.

Those who use 100% special quality seeds.

From the start I
couldn’t wait to sip this coffee.

The aroma and taste are special.
Can really make a room so excited.

After this Ekbal must be brewing too.

This Kapal Api coffee is definitely tastier.

Sep now let’s just get started.

Let’s start with the mid-range HP first.

This is Samsung Galaxy A32.

Oh yes, if for example you are interested in
some of the cellphones that we have judged, the

link is below, the
prices are the most updated.

Now back to the Galaxy A32.

Hmm… This is the cellphone that I
talked to with Bintang Emon yesterday…

In that video, I said that the
screen is really good.

The design is cute too.

The most interesting part for the
price of 3 million.

The battery is big too. 5000mAh.

You won’t regret it if you choose this HP.

But in this part of the chipset, it’s
not as good as other cellphones.

The A32 is still using the Helio G80.

Which is really good for
playing light games.

If you want to play heavy games, the
Helio G80 is priced at 3 million, it

feels a bit high.

The camera quality is also good
but nothing special…

So I just put this cellphone into Tier A.

This… Next time, Galaxy A52,

I’ll put it straight into Tier S!

This may have been a guess for
those who often watch this channel.

Because this is clear. The camera is
really good dude.

Yesterday we compared the
other 4-5 million HPs,

he also became the champion if I’m not mistaken.

A52, who won yesterday?

Yes, he already has OIS, the night
photos are beautiful, the

video is stable, the design is different from the others, it was

discovered that he is a Samsung cellphone, the

chipset is cute, the screen is

pretty fast, the battery is safe, OneUI, waterproof.

Hmm…. Until now, if someone
asks which 5 million HP is the best,

this is the one
I would recommend…

This has a rather unique advantage, and it’s a bit
difficult to compete with others.

What can make this A52 feel less
at least in performance

when compared to Poco.

Well, Poco also has weaknesses,
and we don’t have to talk about that.

  I WAS WRONG!!! Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Let’s talk about Samsung cellphones.

Just focus on Samsung.

For Poco, if we
carry it along, it’s a bit uncomfortable.

Next, we continue, this is still A Series,
this is Galaxy A72,

Hmm, this is A32, A52, A72,
I’ll just enter Tier B, okay.

This is a cellphone that will feel
right for those who are looking for a big

cellphone, like this HP A52
which has a bigger screen, a

bigger battery,
and adds 1 telephoto camera.

It costs a million more.

Maybe for some people
who really like big cellphones,

this cellphone will enter Tier A or even S,

because it’s really worth adding something like that.

But because I personally already
think that the A52 is too good,

and the A72 for me is
just a bigger version,

so the A72 can’t be as tall as it used to be.

Yes, especially
the big size makes my hands so…

I don’t think much of it,

the bigger battery has been proven
not to last longer, so I only use

the telephoto camera

so this A72 is actually good,

but it’s been cooled by the A52 .

Just B.

Next, this is still a mid-range HP,
this time the M62.

This price is 4.5 million – 5 million yes.

Depends on the internal memory.

Fortunately, this cellphone costs not
6 million like when it was launched,

for Samsung it’s not too bad
because if it insists on a price of 6 million,

I immediately put him in Tier D.


It doesn’t really make sense.
The price of 6 million can be of this quality.

But since he’s already dropped to 4.5 – 5 million,

I’ll put him one level
higher, to Tier C instead.

Yes, which means I don’t really
like it, I won’t recommend it,

but if for example you really
like what is being offered, please buy it.

The M62 offers a battery with a
capacity of 7000mAh, really durable!

It’s just that’s it.

Just the battery, the screen
is AMOLED, but 60Hz.

The chipset is indeed a former flagship, but it’s

still inferior to
the current mid-range chipset.

The camera quality is also
not as good as the Galaxy A, so…

there’s no reason to recommend the M62

if for example you’re not looking for a battery.

5 million is still okay.

If it’s 6 million don’t buy it.

If you find
there are still selling 6 million ya.

Hmm, or if for example
you are looking for a big battery, you

can try the Galaxy M51 anyway…

This costs around 4 million.

And the specs given are similar.

He can be cheaper
than the M62 even though it’s similar,

because this model is longer, yes,

so the longer it takes the
price goes down,

but it becomes even more valuable.

It’s 7000mAh too.

Then Snapdragon 730G,

similar camera, this is still category B.

Obviously there are weaknesses when
compared to other Samsungs.

But he has an
advantage to be proud of.

The price is also more reasonable.

Choose the M62 if you want
a newer model, it just does

n’t seem that important, right?

So it’s a bit surprising why
Samsung launched the M62, the

price is 6 million.

It’s a bit crazy.

Next up is the Galaxy A22.

This is the 4G version.

This HP knows what he has.

He knows what he can excel at,

this is a cellphone under 3 million,

but he has an OIS camera, you know.

That’s amazing… They

said there was an issue that all
A-series HPs would have OIS in the future.

So that makes a lot of sense…

If you look at a cellphone like the Galaxy A22, it
can have something like that,

that’s a good start…

The screen is AMOLED 90Hz,
5000mAh battery,

128GB memory,

Helio G80, for a
price below 3 million, that’s steady.

The only thing that makes this cellphone not
enter Tier S

is that the screen resolution is still HD+,

  Samsung One UI 3 mini review

if it is Full HD,

it will go straight to Tier S,

I really recommend it,

but Samsung has clearly calculated
that it will get Full HD,

if he gets Full HD, the
A32 won’t sell,

so he’s just HD+, so…

this HP A22 4G is in
tier A as well as the A32

Next Samsung S21+ maybe this, it
will feel a bit biased, because…

I use it This is
a cellphone as a daily driver, but

I’m just trying
not to be biased, here…

A cellphone that I can
easily recommend,

but there are still
better ones objectively so…

Maybe just put it in tier A, yes,

S21+ I can recommend it because …

I use it, but I
‘ll try to ask the person to

look around again maybe
see Oppo find X3 Pro,

look at Xiaomi’s cellphone, it’s cheaper but …

as good or higher as
this cellphone …

Really I really like it
because my personal experience is that the

chipset is not as fierce as
SnapDragon 888 which is used by another cellphone.

He only uses Exynos 2100

which if used to play games it
won’t call it

888. I just feel at home using
this cellphone because what I’m looking for is here

and maybe I’m a bit lazy

to move to another if for example the
difference is not nearly that far.

This UI is simple, easy to use,
good camera.

It’s just a snap and then upload it directly
to social media, it’s pretty.

The screen is good, fast, the battery is enough.
I’m not asking for more, I’m just…

once again I admit that if
for example you want to be assessed using numbers,

this is not the best cellphone.
Class A.

But I judge this video by
feeling. Yes, it’s tier S.

Now, if it’s S21 Ultra, here it is…

a really fierce cellphone from Samsung

which if you use the
numbers it should be tier S.

Whatever it’s called Ultra I think… it’s

definitely going to be exaggerated. It’s just…

I don’t know,

maybe it’s because I’m the type of
HP user,

just like the S21+, it’s enough

that the excitement like this
feels a bit excessive,

I don’t feel comfortable using it for long.

It feels like I often skip

Ultra HPs like
Mi 11 Ultra, S21 Ultra.

For the type of person who is really a power user,
the more specs, the more features, the

happier. This cellphone will
be really good, but for me, for

those who are happy enough, this is tier A.

While we’re talking about flagships,
let’s move on to the Z Fold 3.

This is still fresh. We just
discussed this yesterday in the video review

and in the video review, I have said
that the price of 27 million is not enough… it’s

relevant to be considered in
the assessment.

The price seems like it’s no longer a problem
if the target market is right.

I’m more concerned

that he is dead yet as a foldable.

If it’s ripe, it’s
really good, and for now

, it’s tier S.
This is because there is no competition.

In Indonesia, if you want to look for a cellphone like this

Z Fold 3, you

want to find which other Xiaomi cellphones
that fold are not included, Huawei is not included.

So, because there is no
tier S opponent, I really appreciate

Samsung’s intention to take this fold seriously.

Continue to Z Flip 3.

If there is no

conclusion yet, I’m still reviewing it, so
I’ll put it in tier A first.

Then, after
seeing the rest, there are 3.

Let’s try to see the
entry level Galaxy A02.

How much does this cost?
2 million if I’m not mistaken or

1.5 million. This… the

price is 1.5 million or 1.4 if I’m not mistaken,
for the specs given,

  Samsung Galaxy A72

it goes to tier B.
This HP has some pretty good specs.

The RAM is 3 GB, the
memory is 32GB, the

screen is good HD, the camera is 13 MP, the
battery is also big 5000 mAh.

The lack of the chipset that you get is
not a good one, yes, it’s a

bit outdated,
not good enough for playing games. So…

we have to know first
what you get from that HP.

If it’s just chatting,
social media is still okay.

Even if you want to play light games,

the Samsung 02 is not enough, it’s
not convincing

if you want something cute, cheap,

Redmi is better. If you are
looking for a Samsung, this is okay.

Next, the Galaxy A12, it’s

entered tier C, because it’s
been a long time, it’s

been almost 8
months since we discussed it

and now there
are many good ones for the price of 2 million. For example,

like the Galaxy A22 which is in tier A,

this is for example if you have more money,
this is better.

The problem is that the Galaxy A12 chipset
only has Helio P35 for almost 2 million,

eh? or 2 million more huh?

Then it’s still IPS, if you
have more funds, it’s better if you

really add
200, 300 for all A22s.

For example, if you
are really tight,

then the A12 is still okay,
if the last one is

A21 S.

I don’t recommend this one for
3 million, I

can’t buy it anymore
, this one is because there is an A22, the price is the same

if this one is more or less

, more or less. It’s not good,
it’s worse. So… it’s

better for the A22, you don’t have to
buy the A21 S anymore, it’s too late. That…

what? the screen has been lost, the
chipset has been lost, the price is the same. So… let’s

close this case,

indeed, if the item is old
, the price will definitely go down,

except for items that can be collected,
items that have historical value,

like the first Fold,
may have historical value.

But if it’s A21 S, forget it. D.


I’m pretty sure it’s
love like this. It’s pretty even,

tier S, then tier A, tier B and
this time there’s tier D

because if there’s something I
really don’t recommend, I

should go there. But… the

rest is okay, yes,
there is a midrange, there is a flagship,

there is a midrange,

there are no entry-level HPs that are

in tier A or S, because
in terms of specs, Samsung should be more…

what more?

more… more enthusiasm, more competitive
with HP’s like Redmi.

You have to give more
if that’s the case if you want to go to class. That’s roughly the

of judging Samsung

‘s cellphones that I’ve tried in the last year.

Maybe it should be routine, the

comments are happy like that.
Maybe next Realme, Oppo,

iPhone can be rated or not?
Seems like every year a little HP.

So if a year, only 4 HP
, how would you rate it?

except for the impression of yesterday’s history, yes.

Yes, I hope this helps the rating.
Like if you like this video,

dislike if you don’t like it

and we will meet again
in the next video.


Yes, that’s how the iPhone plays.

It’s just
that I’m sure that I can’t rate it like this.


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